In the foundations, of what drives every soul (what happens to life itself, as identified by our relationship to it). The clear and critical truth of desire is established by the fundamentals of what happens IF we understand, the reality of being wrong or right; by the truth its consequences.  These are decisions, and decisions evaluate and identify with certainty, the elemental desire of our heart. 

           Heart/ Or more simply: if life were lost for me today, what is the loss I would suffer most?  Thereby, what must I do to insure everything I can do or be; to establish the least amount of loss for me?  This is fundamentally selfishness; because heart identifies only me.  While the foundations of what happens to every living creation; identifies the decisions of my relationship with soul.


          After forty years of trying to communicate with humanity on the various levels of all threat that now deepen into the abyss of failure from which none of life can recover/ I did consider and begin to assume, that for the last year of life any will receive on this planet: I should simply “live for me”.  Instead of working for all life/ as that is the consequence of a dying earth; an earth infected with the pandemic of arrogance so blind/ not a finger;  not even a penny, is raised, to intervene, communicate, investigate, or just plain say NO MORE of this.  “Even when the reality of igniting this planet itself, on fire” is so evident and real.  Machines to destroy this planet exist/ and more are being prepared. It is not a game or an illusion; simply search/ you can begin at the sites I prepared or elsewhere.  Playing with ten million degree fire, is the end of this planet/ once it is ignited, in a place that is obviously “all fuel”.  Wrong is earth becoming a sun.  And that is only one threat of so very many it isn’t worth listing them all. 

          My simple retirement from this fight has ended; because the days spent considering reality, brought back to mind how entirely HORRENDOUS all this is.  Brought back to mind:   the children (life itself) deserve at least, “anything, and everything;  that can be done”.  There is no turning away, not even at this time, from an even greater female spiritual influence, (male did do the best he could and failed: leaving only, “different is demanded” for the sake of life itself.  Not perverted, but constructed from a different perspective, as in simply a “different view”; or we must have change)/ and that clearly does make me, different than you.  Not because male or female is better or worse: they are simply different.  Neither am  I  “better, worse, simply determined as in, life first for this planet; which does make me a bit different”/ but definitely NOT “gay”.   Because you DON’T care enough even to try, much less fight for this world or its life!  This has been a constant “one man fight”; to your shame. Continually running away, to hide from our reality.  Refusing:   Investigate/ NO.  Communicate/ NO.  Pay to establish communication for others/ NO.  Think for yourself/ NO.  Ask questions/ NO.  Fight for the nation, world, child, life, anything but money/ NOT FOR ANYONE!  Ridicule instead, as is the evidence of “the bullies of arrogance, defined by insanity (a cult)” that you have become.

           Abandon the children, surrender them to cannibalism and horrors; as with and all life on earth/    YES, that is YOUR choice.  So I am “less than pleased” with participating in what can only be called “satan on earth: or more simply, YOU WILL DESTROY EVERYTHING”.  Because that is the decision your gods of “university knows”/ and those who follow as believers, did make.  And they will never surrender arrogance for reality.  They live for their fantasies. I have failed to accept as needed the consequences of “male control over life”/ thereby refusing to admit, everything necessary MUST be done right now.  Establishing a long trail of work, that is less than could have been done. The reality simply: refusing to believe man cannot rule anymore.  As is the truth established by a list of failure too long to even fully describe. Without truly different, we won’t survive.  A more concerted effort, has been underway; better late than never, “I do hope”. While that may or may not be “female by trait”/ it is different. As reality continues to insist, I shall accept “female in charge”; the elemental struggle is very hard.  It is ending the excuses, by demanding “life is more important than me”.  Establishing the critical news, for me, and you: the more you knew, or refused to know;   the more guilty you become for not protecting life.  The game people play is: “consider the source, or (judge me)/ as if I was the one creating threats for you”.  Instead of judging the evidence of our reality itself.   I merely insist: I am “the free press”; establishing news you actually do need to know.   It is that simple, and liars try to suppress it, so you cannot stop them from completing their deeds. The spiritual world is not a game/ there can be unexpected consequences: realities so different, life itself is somewhat strange. At its essence the same/ yet very different.  A reality I have yet to discover “why you need to know”?  Nonetheless; Life is not a game, and neither is eternity.


          So then we come too:   can’t divide yourselves from the cult of university worshiping/ so I try, “consider the damage being done to the nation itself, proving beyond doubt that the financial reality of this USA is so dire; that we have all been raped/ ravaged/ and ransacked by the university diploma taking all it wants.  That without doubt we are nothing but slaves, because they take money by counterfeiting, and turn it into property we can no longer afford.  Unless we take control over government by law/ controlling that bankruptcy for ourselves: YOU will beg, plead, prostitute, and war just to survive/ once the real truth of inflation hidden as debt drops “from the sky”; and leaves you without a penny.  But none care; all want lies rather than the reality of fixing this trouble before it escalates into “rivers of blood”.  So be it/ the horror will be terrifying; with guns, fire, bombs, hate, and violence beyond your imagination; including the release of weapons of mass destruction; it is an ending.   But you don’t want to lose a penny, even in counterfeit money!  That is reality.

          So I turn to the traitorous acts, and treason of tragedies; that is the courtroom and legislators of this day.  Finding and proving with irrefutable evidence again and again:   that the constitution of this USA is blockaded from the courtroom, and a insurgency far and wide by government employees/ has erected a violence so extreme against democracy itself.  That they choose to give our property away to foreigners/ to steal from the workers and organize the dispossession of our nation.  Because they want civil war to remove the threat of warriors; to make them the only people left to walk in and take everything for themselves.   Because that is the ending of proving:   this people can be driven to civil war, and complete destruction/ as is the obvious intent of “university knows/ university steals/ & university threatens the world”.

          But all worship the insane: those who intentionally sacrifice all life on earth by attacking, mutilating, crucifying, destroying, and intentionally creating pandemic biology;   to horrify the world.  The then reality: either you kill yourselves in panic/ or you make the people who caused the death of life on earth, “they continue as gods”.  Because you know, “You have no clue” how to stop a plague of death without any solution at all. Or you kill and torture them all/ one or the other will occur.  They of course have no clue/ they will die too:  but they still want to be gods.  So geneticists,  in worship to their university god of evolution:    bring chaos into biology, and curse this world forever.  Still trying to play god and create “new creatures to prove it”  Still, not a finger lifted, not a penny given: all continuously run away so as to believe “you can’t make me responsible for this/ you can’t make me give up, the things I want”.  Even though as in all the rest of the threats we face: EVERYBODY DIES, including you.  Even though biological or genetic DNA is nature itself/ and altering it is the source of every PANDEMIC DISEASE.  The geneticist cannot wait, and works hard to infect this entire planet with their horrors; planning to be god.  In reality SATAN.  Planning to be rich/ in reality an eternity, beneath “Hitler” on a scale of damage done.  Quote: Scientists have begun blurring the line between human and animal by producing Chimeras-a hybrid creature that's part human, part animal.... fused human cells with rabbit eggs....for years scientists have added human genes to bacteria and farm animals....not only life as we know it/ but also "life as it might be"...synthetic biology-including synthetic organisms, biological engineering, artificial chemistry, origin of life, paleogenetics.... cloned...first human embryos.  Quote:   created an organism with manmade DNA...worth more than a trillion dollars..."its pretty stunning when you just replace the DNA.....and in a short while, all the characteristics of the first species disappear and a new species emerges...means cheaper and widely accessible tools to build bio-weapons, virulent pathogens and artificial organisms that could pose grave threats to people and the planet.  The danger is not just bio-terror, but "bio-error"... sequenced and stored in digital form, will move instantaneously across the globe and be resurrected in ....labs thousands of miles away.

          So then I identify the loss of resources so obvious on this entire planet.  Wall street declaring “we have sold more manufactured goods in the last ten years; than all of human history combined”.  How long can that continue?  Answer the question, because this is a finite earth/ and nobody is leaving to mine the universe.  The cause of planet warming is heat release, and in particular the air-conditioner; but none care, “I want it/ end of story”.  The unfortunate reality however is: a rise in temperature increases the pressures available to establish energy and wind over the entire planet.  That translates into the increasing possibility of our atmosphere detaching from the planet itself/ ending our ability to survive here; because 80%+ of our world is now deforested.  Which also removes that amount of oxygen production, as well.  Simple and plain.

           The critical tragedies of overpopulation; which now roughly exceeds one person per acre of agricultural land claimed by governments.  That ground required to feed every other form of life as well.  Turn too, the ravaging of our oceans, particularly with the factory trawlers that take every fish in one large net/ leaving nothing to repopulate the oceans; not even for the predator fish which then die as well.  The endless pollution.  The chemical contamination of waterways and all possibilities of aquatic life surviving much longer.  The massacre of insects, which translates to the end of a trillion ton food supply across the planet: starving a diversity of creatures from large to small; because the chain of food is then broken/ and mass extinction is only “Moments” away. 

          So we look at the factory farming of livestock around the world, and find them completely dependent upon antibiotics to survive close confinement practices.  One single disease, and the entire herd will be wiped out, from coast to coast; and probably across this world: “because you got planes”/ ain’t you proud! 

          So we look at water supplies and find no single other resource has been attacked and prepared for destruction; as is drinking water.  Being pumped into oil reservoirs, turned into fuel, dumped with poisons, or just plain invaded by every possible method.   Which does include not less than one entire “of the great lakes” in this USA.  Being undercut and held up only by “salt pillars”.  On the day a single salt pillar fails: the collapse of a trillion tons of dirt, rock, and water, will fall roughly twenty feet, and create an earthquake so devastating the world itself will tremble/ and every life fear.  Cities will fall/ and every underground water supply will be ruined.  But then the gas released under aquifers “are great” aren’t they.  What’s a little gas that cannot be removed from water/ in exchange for pennies, in comparison to drinking.  HELL YOU WANT A NEW CAR.  Let the children die/ not in my lifetime.  “Ain’t that right”.   Alas an earthquake of any size will release the super-volcano located under Yellowstone national park.  But you’re gods so it doesn’t matter to you; right?

          Nonetheless, we turn to the oxygen we require to breathe as every living thing is now in danger of death by affixation.  Every fire, every motor, etc requires oxygen.  7 billion people cooking everyday; etc/ etc/ etc.  The proof of oxygen production being defined at the biosphere 2 project.  The reality of oxygen depletion already being found in the upper atmosphere.  Still nobody cares/ even though we know that the destruction of forests (now over 80% gone) , plants, and the harvesting of life from oceans is where the oxygen comes from.  Nobody cares.  Even though it is the trees that tie our atmosphere to the planet itself.  While recognizing the area at the equator is in fact traveling at over one thousand miles an hour:   what happens when the atmosphere loses its grip?  The answer is found on other planets: roughly 700 mph is expected.   Nope, “don’t care”.

          But lets return to the people who say:   we can bring a ten million degree fire here to this earth/ because there isn’t enough gravity to hold that fire down: so it will just extinguish itself.  A fire that obviously burns atomic bonds, in a similar way that chemical bonds are burned right here on earth.  The difference however apart from energy released is: everything here, is fuel.  Whereas with a chemical fire/ everything is not fuel.  Can you recognize the difference?  It means, nothing can be done to stop this earth from becoming another sun!  IF IT DOES NOT, simply extinguish itself/ it won’t: OBVIOUSLY.  Instead of lifting, the fire will burrow into the earth for fuel/ just like chemical fires do not stand still when placed in things that burn.  Machines try to bring this fire here everyday with lasers.  And it will not be contained by magnetism or any other version of “university knows”.  There isn’t even a magnet (melts at 3,000 degrees) available where lasers are igniting that fire (10,000,000 degrees).  Do you see the danger?  Probably not, just too damn arrogant and blind.  After all, “it ain’t what you want”/ so you don’t have to consider it.

          Nonetheless lets move on to the machine at CERN, where university knows is trying to recreate the single most destructive event in the history of this universe!   Hell, what could go wrong?  Unless you consider the reality, an obvious entire mass so tremendous it is inconceivable: therefore it must be weakened, prior to the possibility of such an explosive event.  So enters CERN;   to reconstruct the reality of atomic deterioration, weakening the earth itself.     If we could just prove the single most destructive event in the history of the universe, was recreated right here on earth/ THEN we could be gods.  The power doubles soon/ machine at CERN,  is running!  4.   Scientists said:      "lets play with the single most destructive event in the history of this universe".  They have currently created a 5 trillion watt explosion at CERN: the instantaneous release of 3.2 billion btu’s of energy or 67 billion units of horsepower.  In their tiny cage fueled by numerous atomic energy power plants. Not a game.   Very NEAR to igniting that fire, which would destroy us.  Other planetary damage as well.    Hell, oh wait/ you are much too damn smart to worry or believe any “biblical word”; ain’t that right.  Indeed it is.

          So lets take a minute to examine what the biblical prophecy is: about life ending by fire on this planet/ or a pillar of flame seen by half the world (ten million degrees)/ or a lake of fire, for the “evil ones who destroyed an entire creation”.    Hum, well then there is the biblical book of Daniel: or from the beginning of a critical machine that can bring “the single most horrendous mistake, humanity can make/ which is the bringing of sun fire to this earth”.  There will be 1298 days to death of this world: or fire ignited/ can’t be extinguished.  Therefore in the next forty five days, the entire atmosphere of this planet is ejected, and heat rise etcetera removes all life.  That beginning is with the national ignition facility/ the ending of life: summer-fall,  of 2015. With energy levels created that depict,   such a ferocious fire is expected that   IT WILL BE,  quote:   "About a million times more powerful than 10 billion 100-watt light bulbs.  And a fourth should be forthcoming, one with beams twice the power of these three.  By 2015.

This fire is expected to ignite fusion "just like the sun"/ without any other assistance: a planet dead, by 2015 guaranteed.  An energy blast roughly equivalent to all the power of the sun on this planet, FOCUSED on one tiny spot.  These three are situated so as to be used in combination with each other as three focused beams all hitting each other at the same spot, same time: the equivalent of 3 million of the largest lightning bolts all striking the same place, at once. Or 1 x ten, to the 52nd power of watts created instantaneously by charging &storing electricity in capacitors.  Fusion is: the burning of atomic bonds/ just as a chemical fire here is the burning of molecular bonds:  which means, this entire planet and everything on it: IS FUEL FOR THE FIRE/ it cannot be put out!.

 Their claim is: that fusion cannot be sustained here, because of insufficient gravity!  Therefore based ENTIRELY upon this theory ,they DO gamble with our entire planet, and every life! The machine at cern and nif, is CURRENTLY RUNNING.  One second too late, and the earth is forever lost.     Quote: NIF will achieve....180 million degrees F/ .....only three places in the space and time of our universe have ever produced anything close to these conditions: the big bang, when the universe was a primordial fireball: the interior of stars and planets, and thermonuclear weapons. A supernova is...18-54 million degrees F....the extreme density at NIF is larger than that achieved by a core-collapse supernova-an exploding star- or when two neutron stars collide.


          Nope, nobody cares including the religious.  After all, “they got to protect their turf”; like any other gang, or environmental group/ etc.

          Pushed the court says:   this is a game/ YOU lose.  Pushed the police say:   this is not our concern/ you are a threat, and we will destroy you, if you step one tiny hair over the line.  Pushed the military says: we are gods, and we won’t surrender one single damn bullet.  Pushed the government employees gather to conspire, collude:   and MAKE THAT DAMN IDIOT shut the fuck up.  Pushed, religion runs away.  Pushed, “the extra special people who just want to save; One thing or life”/ ain’t going to do nothing, CAUSE YOU are going to lose. Pushed, the media simply wants GREED,   power, pride, and prejudice against all who aren’t “university expert”; unless you entertain, or can be made an enemy, thereby the rulers get to make more rules to control us all.  Pushed the people with guns on their mind demand:   “Who the hell are you/ YOU ain’t NOBODY”.   Pushed the university admits to nothing/ but being a god, over life and world.  Pushed humanity itself says, and I quote:    “I am making good money for the first time in my life/ AND DON’T YOU DO NOTHING, TO INTERFERE WITH THAT”!  Even though it is all a lie, with counterfeiting beyond all possibility of truth.

          The children cannot defend themselves; etc/ etc/ etc,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,etc!

          And there is much more!  This world is filled “with garbage”, pick up any piece; and there is trouble lurking.  But you want to hide, or run away; even knowing this entire world, CANNOT hide you.

          You want to say:   its fate, its prophecy, therefore we CAN’T change it/ so we ain’t going to try!  Even though, the reality is these are all decisions made by men, and we do have the right, obligation, laws, reality of decision and every other form of human decision that is substantively and clearly our own life defended.  To say to all the terrorists, who have threatened our lives/ and to yourselves as well:   that there SHALL BE CHANGE.

          That we choose as humanity on this earth:

          from now on:   LIFE MUST COME FIRST, for this entire planet.

          Instead of laying down to die, in complete and utter disgrace; as you do every single day.  Worshiping the people destroying life/ worshiping money that is nothing but counterfeit, destruction of everything you worked for/ worshiping power, pride, oppressions, and everything else hate can provide.

          Shame on you all.  Your world is going to die; because that is the decision you made, or the reality you allowed, and thereby helped create.  Not a finger lifted/ not a penny spent/ not a purpose beyond selfishness and greed: from all but the tiniest few.


          And all the leaders say:   NO, NO,   DON’T DO NOTHING/ let us wait and see.  “IF THE WHOLE WORLD DIES!”  Or create “university knows experts” to deny everything:   WE DON’T WANT TO CHANGE NOTHING!   Its all great.  Isn’t that so?    That of course, is their plan!

          Too wait until all humanity is now in terror of the possibilities, and are willing to sacrifice even a little of what they want:   because “the death march” is now real to them.  A reality devised and created by those who say:  “If we don’t experiment/ how will we ever learn”.  The consequence being: to destroy genetic stability (nature dead), to destroy energy stability (ten million degrees), to destroy the environment; in a wide variety of ways, to destroy the future, with resource loss and consequences, to destroy medicine with antibiotic (made from a natural source) loss, to destroy the food supply,  to destroy the earth and every life in it.  Even refusing to die, so that a child may live.  Failed, failed, failed, failed, diseased, and death for a world: is what we learned, after all the toys, trinkets, and garbage are laid to rest taking life and planet away;  as their price.

            Which simply means:   even if every soul united to save this world then/ they couldn’t do one single damn thing to save this earth.  BECAUSE ITS JUST TOO DAMN (worthless, to life) LATE.  But hey, “its not your problem” is it! Let the other bastard’s do the work, pay the price;   YOU got wants, and more pride than a sewer full, of fools. Ain’t that so?