The foundation is:   to discard all political parties, thereby removing the influences that brought us all here.  Control the opposition to change by disrupting, refusing, or removing the power of money: particularly when counterfeit.  You don’t have to accept it as a society, or part thereof.  Therefrom strikes that differentiate between society itself (we benefit from this), and the employees (only they benefit from this) who have failed us will be necessary.  Mass communication must be found:   the internet is useful/ but the people themselves must pass the information along to be successful.  And the games of men must be removed from the process.

          The method is;   by adhering strictly to constitutional descriptions of what our society has already decided by law to be/ there is NO possible legal  excuse, to avoid or deny the message of society itself: that this is what we demand!  Strictly adhering to the creation of JUSTICE, FAIR PLAY, AND EQUALITY;      Will bring the masses along, once they do understand: what exists today cannot remain, because it has already failed.     NOT a game, simply the fact of our time.

          The manner of change:    Is brought about by defining the critical links and definitions that are too become our own version of law; that will then control all of society for the rest of time.  To establish that law, REQUIRES patience and endurance/ with a clear and sustainable decision, “we will not be refused”.  Because men when frustrated badly by the other men:   choose war, as their last resort.  It is women who will establish “patience and endurance”/ as is the need for writing and understanding the consequences of what has been written: to be our justice/ to be ourselves as a nation, and all its people.  Women have their own means of communication as is separate from men and mass communication: they are “better prepared” for the work. The elemental task of “we will not be refused”; falls to men/ as they will have to convince the leadership:    YOU WILL obey the law of our constitution, and our people.

          The element called war:    As is consistent with all tyrants who believe they will not be ousted, because they can kill.  Resides directly upon the military itself:   because there will always be, “people in the military;  who believe every soldier will obey/ if you kill or torture or imprison,  a few as an example”.   Consequently, it is the soldiers themselves who must be united:   to prove, if you do kill one of us/ then we will kill three of you.  As is consistent with protecting the nation itself/ rather than the tyrant.  The difference is:   if what is being attacked is constitutionally valid and true/ then those who would and do fight against that, are TRAITORS.   Choose:   duty to your nation,  or betrayal.  When the fight is within your own borders:  YOU MUST Learn what it is, that you are being asked to attack.  Making your own decision, as an military that will protect its family and its future by choosing for life, world, and the constitution itself.

          The press: fundamentally means, “these people who do this, seek to improve our understanding of what is important to this nation, its forms and realities of justice, and ourselves.   Through the knowledge of facts, and the foundations of truth, consistent justice and a legitimate courtroom, with realities that are known to be “fair play; as is due process, and more”.  And the law which is subject to constitutional rule, purpose, and authority.  Anything less is not law, but a rule to remove the law.  Therefore if you are entertained, rather than informed.  If you are reminded to fear/ rather than seek justice through the law.  If you are refused information that is absolutely necessary to your own survival/ establishes extinction against life and child/ consistently denied the truth about our government employees and what they do.  And established by contempt (we this tiny few controlling media: SHALL gain one billion dollars, just from the presidential election);   a voting election that is so corrupt/ nothing else matters.  Then it is not “the press”; we shall be free, because we are now prepared.   But propaganda instead, and the intent to hypnotize and control you for their own purposes through the ownership of just a tiny few.

          Voting:   constructs the foundation of a voice.  But it is a voice entirely dependent upon what or who you are voting upon.  Therefore the only true vote is a vote for the law itself.  Everything else is just a game.  Consequently when we decide what the law will be:   WE BECOME OUR OWN RULERS.  As we made the law/ and now they must obey.  As is consistent with constitutional purpose and the intent of a true democracy.  To assemble the law, is to create society and form its justice.  To oversee the courtroom, and throw out ANY JUDGE who does not obey his or her sworn oath/ / does not adhere to “good behaviors” protecting society itself.  Requires a grading of every action in a courtroom, by and for or against all participants.  Too low a grade, and the judge is history, and may be subject to penalties.  Including prison; should the constitution and our law be refused in a courtroom.  In addition to that reality are three rules you must obey:   every law must be as short and direct and clear as it is possible to make.  Therefore you will test it among yourselves, to see if anyone can “find a loophole”/ so that it will then be closed first, before it becomes law.  The second is, you must choose to allow no change to this new law you will create/ UNLESS a greater percentage of the people    Voting/ can be proven to believe, yes it will be changed.  Or more simply “it takes 70% acceptance to become law/ thereby it takes 71% acceptance or more to change that law.  It takes not less than 60% of the citizens eligible to vote:   to make change “legal”.   If you do not do this/ there will be an endless attack against every law; as the intellectual and others try their best to defeat you.

          Law means:   in order to protect ourselves, from want/ hate/ and pride;   the reality of restrictions upon certain kinds of behavior, limits, and rights shall exist.

          FREEDOM means: that no one else, owns my decision.  No one else, owns my life.  No one else, has the right to interfere “with my body, mind, and me”.  UNLESS LIBERTY (the voice of us all, restricting freedom) has made it clear, “the vast majority, DO demand, THIS is a freedom too far from keeping society both sane, and at peace”.

          Harmony exists:   when all parties have achieved substantive equality. NOT literal equality in so far as possessions and the rights of opportunity and competition in the economy, and with resources: are  considered fair for all/ as have been established.   To do that requires limited capitalism.   But it also requires TRUTH!  Truth states:   in this moment of our history on this earth/ reality knows that so much damage has been done.  OUR ENTIRE way of living MUST ADAPT to the necessary changes;   or we die as a world; in horror.  THEREFORE, very careful attention to detail and design of what a new society can or must be; is absolutely required.  Too much damage has been done for any other way.

          Enforcement of our decision as a democracy: is constructed by removing the power of individuals/ limiting the power of organizations.  A prime example is:   to disband the internal revenue services entirely.  Discarding all upper level management currently in place.  And reestablishing that service as a   “County wide” business, that must gain acceptance by proving it in an election every 4 years.  We will then design and establish our own forms.  We will then establish and design our own version of where our taxes shall be spent:   by supporting percentage based division of the entire tax.  Which goes into completely separate organizations that must gain acceptance by proving it in an election every 4 years or so.  The “federal government” is then reduced to its minimum level of power possible; which includes removing the possibilities of war/ by replacing that decision with our own version of what it takes to demand a lethal response against our nation.  By replacing it with world law, and enforcing that law on rulers; by we the people of this world.  The new job of a federal employee, shall be:    You must insure, correct, define, instruct, and do whatever is necessary to establish and protect the laws we have made by our own vote;   for or upon this society.  As is constitutionally correct, for a true democracy.

          For the world to survive:   we must ALL, work together.  Remove weapons of mass destruction permanently.  Limit military, and its weapons.   Enforce    “LIFE COMES FIRST/ not money”.  And participate in friendship rather than war;   as is consistent with “the female perspective”.  Because like it or not:   we absolutely have no resources left/ for the games of men, which are war and money.   Neither do we have any opportunity left for the games of power, pride, and prestige: because we are so MANY people.   “Playtime, is over”.


          This too, is the purpose of




          A side note will be:    In the case of nuclear power plants, the fundamental reality is/ they should be built below the water supply/ so that water will always be available without the need for additional pumps or generators.

          Because that is not possible with the current reality of nuclear boilers, and physical plants.   The critical decision is: not only does every boiler have to be inspected for cavitation: so it cannot blow up. Before the public view/ so as not to hide any relevant matter.

           But an alternate means of piping must be introduced, to establish if the heating process gets out of hand:   a “molten metal” can be introduced (as a dust) to remove and control the heat, with a substance that does not suddenly explode into pressures that are then NOT containable.  You do have to create “a loop”.  Water “explodes in pressure rise” at temperatures over 600 degrees.  Making any introduction of water, above that temperature which is almost instantaneous in nuclear power: simply creating an explosive.