In the expressions of men: the constant battle is, how do we, or I/ MAKE you respect us!  The foundation of that game is, greed: “I want yours too”.  The reality of government is: to establish a participation between the two groups of men/ that is less than war; is predation (we will attack the weak, instead of ourselves).  The function of society is: to participate, within these groups; without losing everything to the corrupt, the violent, the hateful, the arrogant, and the proud.  Whose only true purpose is to create the power through organization; required to make you their slave.  Or more simply, the essence of male dominated society is: “give me more”.


          In our experience as the humanity of this world: the above description accurately defines the critical truth, “without the few that neither understand, accept, nor desire justice for life”.  The world would be a very different place.  Which means, to remove their foundation/ that upon which they build their seize works; and establish armies to battle and destroy:   or Greed must die.  Not the man, or woman/ but the reality of possibilities, that expand the influence of one into the lives of many.  There must be “a different group” planted among the influential: Thereby removing tyrants, oppressors, rulers, major terrorists, and more.  Male dominated human society is characterized and defined, by the two predators which make the game possible.  If the game is reduced to one predator, the tragic consequences of that power to control reduces society to tears, thereby making war inevitable.  If the game is removed/ then the men hiding behind the organization of leaders and their followers: become visible as criminals, and can be contained by the laws, governing individual men.  To remove the game requires three things: to establish a completely different set of rules, means women must be involved as equals in the participation of law and the confrontation of rules.  To remove the trophies caused by competition: there must be justice and equality served by a court system clearly governed by constitutional intent.  To construct and clarify the rights and responsibilities of each individual citizen:  there must be a governmental accounting, based in reality, that governs employee participation in our lives, with truth.  And punishment.

          Money makes greed possible/ makes war inevitable:   because with it, the few gain control over the many.  With money the few gain control over the courts, government, business, property, and lives of the majority constructing power as the bulwark of their superiority.  By using weapons, and fear (whether damage to your body/ family/ life/ home/ work/ property/ freedoms, or any other part of living), their desire is;   to insure there can be no insurrection against them/ because you are afraid.  All done with money, as proof, pride, and the power of  their decision:   is the only one that matters.  You have no say:   as is the constant propaganda of media and their experts.  Added into:   you have no guaranteed rights in a courtroom, because they have been removed with rules, the refusal to accept law, traitors, while the demand for organized crime makes them rulers/ rather than employees.


          So then lets examine the two groups which control war/ greed/ and the realities governing society, under which we all pay with our lives, for their fantasy, failures, arrogance, and blatant disrespect for our lives.   Each group, is a predator; whose purpose is to take as much as they can get for themselves/ regardless of damage done to the rest.  Their reasoning is: “the other group, did this to us/ LET’S do this to them”.  So each plays the game, based upon the reality of consumption, or control achieved by the others.  When the balance is fairly strong, so that neither rises to “a much greater power” than the other:   society remains fairly stable.  When the balance tips, in favor of one; the predation is excessive, and the reality of failure soon brings the potential of war/ or in the case of infant democracy, a change to the political voting.  Thereby a beating back of one predator by using the tragic reality of the other predator against them.  As is seen in America:   this infant democracy (because you refused to grow up, into real democracy)/ is controlled by whosoever does less damage, at this moment in time.

           Until the army of either predator is too large to defeat.  Political armies to control society are built upon counterfeit money!   BECAUSE, It takes too much real money to build an army, with reality/ therefore counterfeiting is the method of insurrection used against society itself.  To build a ruling class, by destroying justice, rights, and the foundation of law, society, and democracy itself: the purpose is, so that they can rule, as an army demanding more (bring me slaves);  instead. As proven by following the money: the counterfeiting goes to “ a university diploma”/ and they have taken control over society; thereby declaring themselves superior; or the new nobility in America. army of insurrection in America today is:   the university diploma, that has removed employment in government/ to become rulers by control over law and court and election and business and everything: because they created enormous amounts of counterfeit money for themselves/ taking away our control over government, by demanding its “OUR DEBT”. 

          As it is clear: they took over government, courts, business, media, decision, propaganda, justice, greed by counterfeiting money, and every other form of power that is possible to invade and overcome.  How is NOT CERTAIN, this is in fact an invasion of our rights and our reality as society.  The foundation of that invasion of power is: “WE the university, alone deserve a million dollars more/ than all of you”.  The fact they control all aspects of education, business hiring, courtrooms and laws, media, and every major decision possible: is a clear sign of “nobility in our midst”.  Take a look at where their superiority led?  The answer is to the edge of extinction/ the truth called bankruptcy/ and the foundations of life being laid into their grave.  The vast majority of graduates proving; “we don’t even have to do nothing, earn nothing, be nothing other than to borrow money/ thereby we get paid”.  The reality of that is: to entrap and control by debt/ proving when in trouble, NOW:  “you shall become, the human robot force” obedient to the money and power of rulers.  While the thugs hired to maintain control over the slaves create their own rules, and control their courts with lies, to  reject our democracy by removing its constitutional laws and guarantees.  So as to disease society (you are bankrupt now/ and can do nothing, but remain under our spell) with their cancer, of arrogance and pride (we own your lives: look at “our pile of money and property”)Intentionally destroying the foundation of America itself, by removing WE THE PEOPLE (constitutional government) from our own nation.   PLUS lies & betrayal;  As is the current dispossessing of all citizens:   by counterfeiting our money/ thereby buying our property “with free (stolen)  money: our lives”;   for the few. While slavery (only the few are allowed this money) overtakes our society, &  failure (you can’t compete with free money) discards and destroys the ownership of property, and their  fantasy not only threatens our entire world, it constructs the assumption (the university gets “our inflation”/ while the people are saddled with,  ITS YOUR debt)   Forever.  Or we will retire early, taking all we can get/ thereby making you slave until you die, because there is nothing left for you but debt and the resultant theft of every working day of our lives, by counterfeiting, theft, anarchy (constitutional democracy is no more), and lies.

          Over the last 4 years proven true by the federal reserve accounting table L5.   We the people have not shared in the inflation established as a $350,000.00 increase in currency over these last four years; per each and every one,  of one hundred million people.  Federal government is “too big to fail/ the nation is too broken to stop: because our leaders cannot control themselves”.  So, as we the people:  you just have to accept, we get more: or you will pay too much.   Ain’t that so?

           Nonetheless, debt increase in America during these last four years, is $178,000.00 per each and every one of one hundred million workers; in a nation of about one hundred million citizen real workers.  Thereby the foundation of real society, which is the working people of every or any society:   have been bound into slavery (we cannot escape this debt/ and or its consequences)/ therefore anger builds.  Civil war erupts, while every diploma hides: so as to rid America of its fighters/ and then swoop in as vultures intent upon picking the bones clean.  Or there must be “border wars with other nations” to control the people by pointing them to a different enemy than themselves or their leaders.  The reality becoming:   “We ain’t got nothing left/ BUT THIS DAMN DEBT”.  Thereby, we the people are pushed, and end in war/ want it, or not.  That war will destroy much/ which rebuilds jobs/ which rebuilds economies; history says/ and the cycle starts all over.  Except for this time:   because there are not enough resources to rebuild much of anything.  We are a world of 7+ billion people; who have ravaged/ ransacked/ raped/ and destroyed as much of nature and environment and resources:   as men could do, with machines and societies,  that build garbage dumps as large as nations.  So we,  the world, and everything in it:   become destroyed as well; when chaos soon reigns. Because the failure of university rules, is as obvious and blatant as their prime experiment: to bring the same fire here as is on the sun.  A ten million degree fire, that burns your skin in summer from 91 million miles away.  A fire that obviously burns atomic bonds as fuel/ delivered to this planet, which is made out of atomic bonds making everything here FUEL for the fire; so the planet becomes another sun.  That is the reality of their gamble.  Their excuse:   the fire will just extinguish itself/ because there is not enough gravity here to hold it down to the planet.  Our entire world, LIVES OR DIES;   based upon this insane theory of fools.  A theory that rejects all known physical laws, to assume fantasy rather than truth.

A reality of the leaders of men and their followers who not only counterfeited the money to build the experiments/ but built the machines and keep them operating as well.  Not only a cancer of arrogance, to the nation/ but a killing disease for this world.


          The controlling,  human male element of society is:   WE WANT MORE FOR OURSELVES/ DAMN YOU TO HELL, for not giving us everything we demand!   And then “let the predation (we will plot and plan and do anything we want, to steal your life)/ and then war (you took to damn much), begins”.


          So we ask:   WHAT IS BETTER, than the male constant cycle of wars?  WHAT is better, than a society which constantly degrades itself into turmoil, by reducing justice and rights: so the few finding power;   can get everything they want? WHAT is better, than a dead world/ a nature mutilated beyond repair/ an environment lost/ cannibalism/ and true HELL ON EARTH?




          So then the critical question is: what can we do that is different, than “man wants more/ TO HELL with you: I AM the only thing important here”! 

          The critical answer begins with:   man controls by the fear of war/ the power of money/ and the pride of demanding, “I AM” superior to you.      


          Therefrom, the elemental reality of peace, or fighting for our world, our nation, or our lives stems from who or what is in control of society.  Even men know this, which led them to create laws and governments/ and then corrupt laws, and governments;  to achieve their goals.  Until that corruption takes over, the game rules.   Once the destruction which always follows establishes:  war (I will take everything) is now accomplished.   Because one group of predators took control.  The game changes to death, rather than making slaves for me.

           So then the first order for, “A DIFFERENT WORLD”.   Is to create laws which will not be corrupted.  As is the intent of the constitution for this United States.  Which has been reduced to:    98% destroyed from the courtroom; as proven by case after case presented by James F. Osterbur. They start here.

          What that clearly means is:   the current method of government by electing officials to make laws and define rules for us/ HAS COMPLETELY FAILED THE NATION. Counterfeiting destroyed all reality of ownership by we the people, “its just our debt”.

            The critical failure is:  “man wants more/ TO HELL with you: I AM the only thing important here”!  The foundation of male dominated society:   is then created by subversion, traitorous acts, betrayal, anarchy, and treason:  as is the fight to “get me MORE”.  To remove the encumbrance of law by constitutional democracy: and become rulers to satisfy themselves as the people with power;  to make you beg.  THEY CHANGED constitutional government/ and made rules and rulers in a courtroom to control the constitution itself.  Thereby invading and destroying America itself; as is constitutional government/ or we the people have rights.  The university diploma is critical here:   as the foundation to remove a vast amount of people trained by life, to understand truth and consequences.  So that the cult of university only is allowed “to know”; could replace them, with idol worship, money talks, the disease of arrogance rules, and the foundation of terror and fear does control.  Thereby rule with rules, not law.  Rule with fear, by constructing bankruptcy, and attack by using thugs and extortion to take much more than even the fantasy or rules will allow. They Rule with the courtroom, by abandoning justice:   to prove what corruption can do, and make the people fear their rulers.  Fear their courts because of financial ruin,

 or the clear destruction of rights. They Rule with counterfeit money; so as to construct an army with bribes, thereby spies; “to report and control all opposition”.  The current claim of currency is $188 trillion dollars/ or divided among every citizen almost $600,000.00 each; babies and all.  You got your six hundred thousand dollars?  Then you ain’t equal/ and your property, your bank account, your everything including food, water, etc: is controlled by someone who does have your share of the money.  Someone has it/ because the federal reserve table demands;   “this exists”.  Can you compete?  What happens when the taxes go up, and they consume your work and reality of living: with every increase becoming more a slave!  Work harder/ do more: there is no future, but we will throw you, your family, and your entire life:   into the garbage if you don’t do enough work, according to what we say.  How is that not true?


          The seven methods used to combat each of these failures/ the tyranny of fools,  are:

1.   We must make our own laws by public vote and participation/ because whosoever makes the law, rules society.  Being completely aware, and utterly suspicious: of the words used, because these will be corrupted if they can. They will be attacked time and again, in a true effort to seize power over society:   as history proves time and again, forever.  Our protection from traitors is “plain and simple” without room for doubt.  Protecting the definitions of words as well/ because this is also where laws and rights are attacked.


2.  Controlling the currency of government by constitutional law: TAKING CONTROL over debt from our employees.   By tying currency directly to the population count/ establishes a specific number to each and every worker (if we all made the same:   I would then know what is fair to be paid to me,  for my “forty hour week”________. Whatever the currency is:  Establishes public knowledge.). Therefore I know, if these are taking TOO DAMN MUCH!

           It takes a constitutional change to alter these decisions by true and complete public vote.  This takes a recurrent vote, to insure the predators don’t change the rules; gaining power over you.


3.  Controlling the economy: by creating limited capitalism, :   controls the greed!  By allowing every citizen to vote on just how much money or property or income ANYONE can attain in any given year/ or hold as a possession, by any means: WITHOUT OUR VOTE.   IS THE AUTHORITY OF TRUE DEMOCRACY.   {you own the freedom and responsibility and choice/ but we own the opportunity TO SHARE this society by protecting ourselves; with limits and boundaries controlling all}. Additionally; You may not hold, run, claim, advertize, or own any business other than the one, you literally work in.  Society, Returning to that vote every few years to insure none are able to defeat our own control over society, or the nation itself.

4.   Controlling our society by creating “governmental decisions”, REQUIRES: that every new law;  change in the constitution;  or alteration in the realities designed to establish control by true democracy.  Which does mean:  RULING OURSELVES,   with the laws we create & the decisions we make>  DEMANDS, in order to maintain control:  No law or decision can be erased or changed in the future;  unless a greater percentage of the people voting, agree to it.  As with all decisions/  the public must be made aware.  That means: control over all media SHALL exist: to establish by “the free press”: what is important for society to know. Those who do more than entertain: establish knowledge which protects and defends democracy, world,  and life!  A higher percentage: than did create these new laws and decisions; means we will NOT be inundated with new demands at every vote.   Or more simply:   if,   70% of the people made the law/ then it takes 71% of the people to change that law or edict or right or limit; etc.  In that way, you keep out the predators, and retain control over your rights.  IF the change you make is within constitutional guidelines as presented in the preamble of that document: then you may begin with not less than 60% in favor/ so that extreme arguments need not occur, and flexibility may exist for later,  more clearly definable decisions.


5.  Establishing new money means:   the resources and the work/ the ability and the sacrifice;   are the foundation of currency or reality as in wealth or poverty;    existing in society.  Without resources, there is no work or wealth.  Without ability, you are limited by ignorance as a society.  Without sacrifice, as in “I believe” my work will benefit me later/ there is no building a future for the nation or world.  Therefore money is not a number/ but a consistent relationship within society itself.  What is my value, “to the rest (thereby shared)”/ begins with: what are my options in food, true necessities, or potentially even shelter?  The answer is most clearly EQUAL is:   when the money is divided into three separate decisions.   “Need money” is given as the primary source of initial payment to all people.  That limit establishes for all,  the SAME first rights (same amount for all) to buy necessities of survival and life.  This limit,  throughout society;  so that everybody is equal in their ability to buy food or other needs: controls peace and substantial equity in work.  Or more simply:    rich or poor: We can all buy, with equal dollars/ our needs!  Because you can’t buy this (NEED) with any other form of money/ and society controls how much you get by vote. No tax allowed.  This is societies work force/ they deserve “minimum” FAIR compensation; as in equal rights regarding food.  THAT amount governing need money;  is determined by society by vote.  As well as what will or will not be bought with that form of payment.  That money when used, is returned to government; to be exchanged for “business money”.

          The next tier of money is business:   or more simply this cannot be used for anything less than tools, or distinct resources certified important and relevant to your own business.  That money shall not be taxed, UNTIL a profit has been shown for the business.  This is societies workplace/ it deserves space and time to establish itself. Once profitability exists: all other money beyond business expense: without the owner taking any outside of business purposes.  Or its not yours, this money belongs only to the business.   Salary, Is then returned to government in exchange for “luxury money”.

          The third tier of money is for luxuries only (anything beyond need or business): which means simply if you are working hard/ you should be allowed the freedom to rest or whatever seems right to you.  Because freedom allows it, reality earned it/ so long as you don’t harm the environment or life or society intentionally.  It is taxed at the rate society defines for itself.

          Trading between nations: shall be resource based, as governed by a world board associated with world law.  All same/ one vote; no exceptions.


6.  The power of weapons, is a grievous reality that deserves a critical truth:   WE CANNOT control the vast numbers of men who have historically attempted to  rape, ravage, pillage, destroy, murder, hate, enslave, and ransack other people:   WITHOUT WORLD LAW!  Reality pushes, leaders commit, followers fail to find a solution without war.  

          The only alternative to each of these is: to establish the laws that WE THE people of this WORLD shall make!  To control our rulers, the leaders and make them OBEY, our law.   We do that together, by defining the laws we demand our leaders shall NOT change or defy:   without being taken to court, BY THIS WORLD;   for examination of what is true.  Or if truly defiant, to “we the world”/ and refuse our law: then simply they shall be killed, so another can take his or her place.

           By controlling the policing of our world, with “officers of the law”; from every nation on earth working as one force. Thereby we WILL remove all weapons of mass destruction; including extreme methods of other kinds as decided by all humanity.  In stages.  If leaders cannot lead to war/ then followers cannot follow. “The simple solution”.

            Reality as is the consequence of resource devastation, environmental destruction, extreme experimentation/ mutilation of nature and more.    Must  also be dealt with by this policing force as well.  Because your failure/ becomes our failure, your gamble becomes our death.  When your need overwhelms what we built as well as what you built: over population threatens us all.   Consequently:  “Together we go, as one world”.  Because:  There is no other way to survive. ACCEPT IT/ and quit complaining.  Human  Population control is no longer a choice.


7.  Redress of grievances, are the most powerful words ever written; because they make government employees at every rank/ ACCOUNTABLE TO THE PEOPLE THEMSELVES!  That simple fact:   MAKES US RULERS OVER OUR OWN LIVES AND OUR EMPLOYEES.  It is the power of society, over itself.  Rather than the leaders of society, gaining power OVER the lives of everyone. 

           Consequently to rule our employees by their oath, and their work:   is to understand our law shall NOT be denied.   WE ARE THE OWNERS HERE/   not some damn employee, who has committed treason to remove our rights, by destroying our constitution, in a courtroom;  and controlling our reality, with lies.  Or propagating their “religious belief” on us; as is the cult:  university knows everything/ and cannot be questioned or ignored!  That ain’t your job!  Criminal punishments shall be “appropriate when necessary”/ but not used, as an example.



          We must now examine the reality between those who say, “we are the experts (we have a book; like all religions do)/ you can’t do anything; you can’t decide anything; you are worthless,  without us”.  Or “we are the great one/ and you are slave”.   Thereby attempting to prove:   nobility over the rest who know, or should know;  they are not “fully educated as we”.  Therefore you shall obey: whether  aware of what truth and its consequences do mean or not.  Because we the university diploma not only rules/ but owns your very life;   using counterfeit money to consume everything you built or did for yourselves/ is now ours!  Its called “KING, or           QUEEN”/ and their servants or slaves, etc.


          THE VALUE of every decision IS NOT found in the assumptions or knowledge of men/ that is irrelevant, and often leads to tragedy; as is plainly evident in this day.  Rather the value of every decision resides in the truth that is known, and proven to exist: because the consequences have been identified, “establishing what it will or does mean to be wrong”.   This is knowledge/ this conceives of understanding, and brings wisdom.

          In its simplest terms:   it is reasonable and sound of mind, to work in all ways that do not risk more than can be ethically lost:   finding knowledge with care, as you proceed.  BUT, within that reality is one single rule or law to keep life safe.  You are REQUIRED:   YOU MUST KNOW, before you begin/ what you MUST NOT do; lest there be consequences you nor we can afford to make; as these do occur.

           At its essence then: the foundation of every decision resides in truth, and the ability to recognize what that truth is.  A reality NOT limited to books or degrees or claims of superiority!    Rather when working together, because we all care about the outcome:   we do share the knowledge, and apply the understanding of all, to accomplish “the best we can do” for our lives, our nation, every future, and our world.  Remembering who shared with honesty and caring: becomes the foundation of leadership, if they desire it to be so.

           People withhold knowledge to gain a claim of superiority/ and control the work or the money; etc.  These are the predators of society, as that changes to encompass “more for me”.  But make no mistake, if there is truth and substance creating value for all/ then there is cause to sustain a claim of “more for you”; because you did do more for us.  Let equality be:   “The best I can be/ without restraints and obstructions placed in my way; a fair chance”.  Those people who fight for “everything I can be in business, etc”/ often did do more.  But it matters:  if that is or was,  for society or just plain self.


          Confronting leaders and employees of government: with the news, “we demand changes shall be made.  We demand these laws shall now rule our lives,  as we did create them for ourselves”.  This,  Will find resistance.  Because that law/ that authority to control society itself:  removes power from those who covet that power.  It removes the claim of superiority from those who are so damn arrogant, they can’t see the sewer/ vermin/ or parasite, they became.  Therefore you become “their enemy”/ by establishing:   a friend of society itself.

          The critical development is:   without our work, without our acceptance of “their money”, without our simple obedience to what we have been told: there is no power structure to government/ no game to play.   It is only law and life, the basis of peace and harmony.  Without weapons to kill, maim, or  establish fear; they cannot regain control.  Consequently every attempt will be to delay, or to deny, or to excuse, or to use rules of procedure, or any other form of “livestock herding” that they can possibly find.  When that fails, an attempt will be made to control by fear: settle it in your mind, DUTY, DEMOCRACY, / NOR FREEDOM, is free.

            Therefrom,  “a tax revolt”/ by any of its definitions in reality, is the foundation for being respected as participants in this government, establishing we are its owners.   Proving we have constitutional rights/ is as simple as organizing yourselves to inundate and flood every courtroom in this nation with the demand for REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES, and more.  Proving there is no escape/ from our law:   or our constitutional authority as WE THE PEOPLE!   We are the government.  We, Are owners here/ not you the employee..

          The reality of weapons, is governed by the military and policing divisions of society: we outnumber them, but they are better organized, and have the potential to add bloodshed, rather than words.  A basic soldiers bill of rights grants protection for all humanity, except rulers!  Get it done.

           The question is then:   with your own citizen laws/ with your citizen demand FOR JUSTICE, and equality;  FOR ALL.  With your demand, that society shall be fair for everyone, remembering the work that has been done does construct “mine”/ but democracy does construct “ours”/ thereby limiting yours.  We confront your ability to control the wealthy, and give equal rights or more correctly substantive rights;   to all people in this society.  The question does then erupt:   do your police and military agree, do they understand what is being fought for by law?  And if they do, recognizing justice, freedoms, and rights:   will they join you/ or fight against life in this democracy; as would be against themselves.   For far less than what you do in fact offer them as a new and different society for everyone.  Even a different world for life; to respect and protect our survival as a world.

          The majority will join/ but there will be the few, “who hate you even more, than anything else in this world”. So then as always:   will you let the few rule your world because of the violence, mayhem, and chaos they project and propose to do?   Or will you respond to the realities of our entire world!  The reality our world is in danger with a firm reliance on the truth:   “We are too many people to be enemies/ WE MUST change; defending life itself, and find friendship as best we can: for the protection of our world”; without judgment.  Yes, or no ?

          The few who hate,  will be found, even though they will cause harm/ they cannot defeat you.  Because you do outnumber them “millions to one”.  Hate must then be “rounded up” and removed in one form or another/ because it will NOT coexist with peace and happiness.  They are opposites.  Anger is a reality of “change and justice,  will fix this”.  Be careful what you do/ lives are at stake;  and some of the most hateful people, hide and are never seen in “the light of day”.  Because they are true, “professional liars”.   Intellect means:   “I can devise a trap for you/ or conceive of yours for me”.  It is not the means to “superior”; it is primarily;   just for games.  Only truth can survive reality without loss/ bear it in mind.


          We end with “bullying”/ the reality of people determined to make you fear them; because they assume power is a right; if you cannot defeat them, or so they believe.   These are assumptions that grow from childhood, and create one single purpose which is: to believe I am more, than you.  Regardless of what more is.  Therefore bullying is a game of trophies/ and your fear or submission, is the prize.  Take the game away, and the bully dies/ or is enraged and must pretend to win, by going beyond what he or she desires to do.  Which is prove, rather than simply suggest “I win”.  There is a difference between the bully and the criminal who hates: the bully believes this is a game/ while the criminal seeks revenge when they lose.  Criminals are constructions of three basic parts: “i want more/ I will take more/ you can’t stop me”.   The crime fundamentally exists in, the development of a predator, “I won’t let you see me coming”.

           Reality knows, that no one truly wins a fight.  Not because of the immediate physical or mental consequences/ but because of the long term consequences, that may or may not be revealed, after a battle.  Every predator attacks with a surprise, because that lessens his or her potential for long term bodily damage.  Or more simply: it does not take long or much damage to learn, this fight was NOT worth the cost to me/ even if I won.  The alteration of that is the fighter, who chooses to prove “he can take the abuse/ and still fight on”.  Or, I won’t be defeated by pain, as very many are!  That is his or her trophy.

          We now come to the questions: why do people play these games/ why do people seek revenge even when they did deserve whatever they got/ why do people seek a trophy?      

          The answer is:   divided into three parts as well.  People play to demand pay attention to me.  People seek revenge, to prove I won’t be defeated by you.  People want a trophy, to say “I am superior, with authority”.

          The common link between all three is:   I want, to be more to someone; than I am:  even if that is me.  Thereby “used (do what I say)/ abused (be what I demand)/ refused (I alone, have value here) / isolated (don’t deny me) / or abandoned (crippled by severe righteousness, or arrogance; and unable to find yourself, because of fear)”.  The cause is the same: I want to be more than you/ by proving I CONTROL;   to these others; or more simply making you lose too.  To do that, “a judgment has occurred”.  Dependent upon the verdict: you are less (plotting and planning are found here), loser (I win/ I am more), worthless (garbage, I can throw you away, including death), or defeated and a slave (I can whip you, or anything else I desire, so long as I keep you alive).


          It is want, that makes a bully or a criminal.  Therefore it is want, the basis of all lies; that proves to be the true enemy.  The foundation of want, is created when time constructs a path, “too slow for me”.  Or more simply: I want more, for me;  faster/ than my life, environment, or other factors will allow.  Therefore I lie/ or conceive of more as the second part of bully or criminal becomes clear:   you must lose/ so I can win.  The critical question becomes:   why do you want more/ why am I expendable?  The answer all return is: because you, must consider me “god”/ therefore you are then less.  Or, more simply, compared to you or them, “I get to play god: my decision matters/ my rights matter/ my choice decides/ I am the ruler/ I am everything:  and YOU are my slave, because I need someone else to prove I have power to control you”. Or being god is simply, no fun!  Consequently prejudices, bigotry, and more arise here as well.

          So then we come to the final question:   why, do you want to play god?


          The answer varies: from complete control, I AM GREAT; therefore I will take anything I want.   To the true foundations of complete arrogance which assume, even beyond insanity:   you can’t stop me from gambling all life on earth.   Because I want to prove I am god/ I want you to worship me.


          That leads us to the age old question:   what does it take to stop the destruction of peace, hope, and life;  from those who refuse to accept equality, justice, or even love with the rest?  Choosing hate!


          The answer is:    Prove equality, RIGHT, AND LAW;  rather than judgment, by justice for all.

           While hate participates in revenge, the predator can be found.  Hate means: I will never accept equality, or justice, or peace with you.  Therefore hate must be “removed” in the most successful way, possible/ because true change is not possible for these.  HATE is not a game/ IT IS A CLEAR DECISION.  Hate constructs everything evil in life, living, and society/ because love and life itself, has become the enemy. In everything, but me.



          Finally we come to more, the essence of a battleground, where men assume they are the great ones, if they have or control more.  Consequently more means “fight”.  Which builds competition so the fight can commence. Therefore competition is necessary “for more” to exist as a game. Otherwise it can only be “life or death” for every adversary.  The game is for most, the solution for boredom/ and the reality of trophies: I WIN.  The functional reality or purpose, of an adversary proves:   I am important, in this life/ because I, or we; can lose. Or we can win!  The crux of every attempt by humanity,  to be more is then:   “I want to be important, to be more than just me”.  Simple as that.

          So the critical question of more is:   how do we all feel important, because no matter where you are in life/ respect for yourself is required. The honest, earned respect of others can be cherished; if not bound by pride.   Or the failure of respect establishes:  there will be depressions/ suicides/ fantasies/ and mental failures as in, this is just because “I didn’t care enough, to succeed”.  And more elements of mental consequences, rather than happiness.

          The fundamental answer here today is:   we cannot be more important to life and this entire world/ than we all are, this very day.  Every single life on earth/ trillions and beyond measurement:   is at risk of horrendous death, and the consequences of people playing god with life;   just because they want too.  Whosoever helps life, and defends this world:   is truly important, and will remain so; according to what they do.  This work, this reality:  is not a game; our entire earth can die soon.  So says the evidence.