The end of life is a discipline, as well as an opportunity!  Within every miracle of life, is the essence and proof,  of eternity itself.  The foundation of living is: WHAT, will you choose, for your life? The reality of dying is: WHAT IS TRUE, about the things you chose.  The only real choices are: love/ hate/ or simply survival.

            Passages take us from one place to another, from one critical moment/ to the next phase of our lives.  When we see in the essence of all life, which surrounds us on every side, and in everything: a true and real MIRACLE beyond our comprehension.  Without doubt, that means “someone loves us enough/ to give what we could otherwise; not even dream of having”.  Because we wouldn’t even know how.   Without doubt, the most powerful sign of that love: would be the biblical description of   JESUS CHRIST.  His teaching refined and established our bodies as the place we were given to seek eternity: to become the essence of ourselves, by participation in love we create/ or something less.      Disciplines are the understanding of “a meaning in this life/ that is greater than ourselves”.  That conception grants the decisions, that change our heart from being a “place, only to play”:   to become the home we give ourselves, to encounter life.  Every discipline shapes that home/ every decision creates the welcome we have assembled with our lives:   to share with “You”.  Even if the others will not. Time is the blessing we share with each other/ a reality that must be surrendered, to achieve “more”.  Soul is the blessing GOD SHARES with us, within the essence of our own miracle: of life.   Soul means, I have opened the door, “to GOD”/ in me.   That is not less than a miracle/ because truth only exists in those who accept the foundation of all life:   is love itself.  Without love, life has little purpose or desire/ with love; even an eternity finds moments we will treasure forever.  Eternity means: if I have soul, my   GOD   will find me “a home”.  Home means: accepted, because of love.

            There are those without soul, who long to defy all sense of knowledge or expression;   as is so clearly given to us in miracles.  Miracle means:   without the slightest of doubts, it is, and it will be eternally true;   that life is more than we can comprehend.  The body and its mind; are the essence of freedom,  with limited restraint; so as to give each one, their own moments to decide.  What it is, you choose to do with life.

            Love is an eternal gift, only when it is given or accepted without restraint; only trust can achieve that.  Love is an expression of our eternal desire, only when the passage we create between us, is a purpose beyond ourselves.  Love is an experience defined by our own identity, but cherished only when bound, by a freedom that will never need “a chain” to be recognized, as love in you or me.  Love is a moment, that changes time; into eternity. Love unfolds the blossom that becomes our heart together, the scent and sight, of everything we can be as one.

            The disciplines of heart and soul are discovered along the elemental path, that builds the treasury of our time on earth.  Time remembers heart/ love remembers soul: together they form our destiny. Joy, is the release “of heart”, where time ceases to exist/ and the soul, arises as freedom forever.        Death is the distance we have traveled, to arrive at the entrance of what is true: within us.  Since none are perfect/ but all need mercy: it is   GOD   that decides what and who will be saved.  For life.          It is necessary/ it is true, to understand that we live as nature created us;  by the elements of design that build our bodies and grant our minds.  BUT THERE IS ENERGY harnessed, that gives to us our freedom, by its participation in life.  Therefore life does participate as energy/ and without that energy we die.  Not only as a body, but as life itself.   That DOES mean:   when we lose our bodies and mind to death/ that energy is leaving us, and we MUST JOIN with that energy to survive into eternity.  Or more simply, as death enters to let energy escape/ we must each one,  as the true identity we created:   go with that energy as it leaves.  Not looking back:   But looking forward to a new and different experience as life.  We are alive, because we know this is true, as an experience or expression translated by our thought.  Therefore we know, that life is also in thought, as well as energy: and with these we will seek a new life in eternity.  The body only translates our experience and expression.  The mind only measures these effects.  It is thought or more simply the essence of freedom itself, that conceives of love, truth, eternity, value, courage, desire, purpose, disciplines, order, balance, happiness, and so much more.   Freedom is not within a mind/ because the mind controls your body; rather than your life.  Freedom is not within a body/ because thought itself is the essence of life, rather than “flesh and bone”.  While it is true, that all life in time is better with a “happy body”.  It is also true when we know death is approaching; to accept the boundaries and limits time has imposed/ and look beyond our fate as a body. So that we will encounter the possibilities of destiny, and seek a new life beyond ourselves.  To be prepared is essential.  To be ready for life beyond body and mind: lives in the essence of soul itself.  Our relationship with   GOD (our CREATOR)  is no small thing.  Yet even the tiniest truth, that we do belong to GOD is enough, to open this door/ IF that is your honest desire. 

            Therefore all of life seeks this moment.  Everything called heart and soul share this moment.  In the true essence of spirit itself, comes the decision that climbs by love,  or falls by all things less.  Simply because you chose: what is true in you.  Truth is eternal, because what is true (once the book of life is closed) cannot be changed.