Established in these works, is the following statement.


          {I have failed to accept as needed the consequences of “male control over life”/ thereby refusing to admit, everything necessary MUST be done right now.  Establishing a long trail of work, that is less than could have been done. The reality simply: refusing to believe man cannot rule anymore.  As is the truth established by a list of failure too long to even fully describe. Without truly different, we won’t survive.  A more concerted effort, has been underway; better late than never, “I do hope”. While that may or may not be “female by trait”/ it is different. As reality continues to insist, I shall accept “female in charge”; the elemental struggle is very hard.  It is ending the excuses, by demanding “life is more important than me”. }


          It does occur to me, that the expansion of these words is necessary to protect anyone who fails to understand the base meaning and realities associated with that design.

          Therefore, “I expand it to include the following definitions”.


          The lesson of spirit and soul, that must be remembered is: NEVER sacrifice anything/ NEVER surrender control of your life to anyone, or anything;   but   GOD HIMSELF.  Liars exist, even in a spiritual context between “eternity and self”.  Be certain, by investigating for truth at every developing decision or opportunity to do so: being very careful how you choose.  Anything that does not “ring true”/ is a lie. Understand as well, when you become desperate for an answer/ you also become vulnerable to change, “either good or bad or just different”.  Know that truth by its purity is stronger than you/ therefore if you choose to enter into any spiritual relationship; by simply opening that door of influence.    You are going to lose control, by the failure of critical knowledge;  unless you understand the relationships involved, that identify and control the essence of every truth that does exist. 

          Thereby we begin:

          The reality of man in society, or humanity as it exists from the influence of men in charge is:   with even a little knowledge, the immediate result has been “the university men” now believe themselves to be gods.  Therefore they have solicited the right with lies, to intervene in life and society establishing control over it with their stories of “expertise”.  That having been done over decades now: has proven to be, an endless series of “anything but life comes first/ apart from lies”.  Endless theft/ traitorous acts/ catastrophic experimentation/ ludicrous realities of leadership/ the failure to accept responsibility: and in general, reality has become essentially ready to collapse, because they took and took and took/ and never put a single penny back into the future of life or planet or anything establishing happiness.  They will disagree pointing to medicine as their “great accomplishment”/ as the rest is merely “trinkets and toys”, or tools to at this point ravage the resources, and desecrate the future; taking this planet away from the children  with arrogance and greed.  But the reality of medicine as well is: without antibiotics, a form of natural resistance that works with the body itself/ there is no real surgery, and that ends medicine with antibiotic collapse.  What is left is pharmaceuticals, and they are responsible for a substantial amount of damage, along with some benefits.  As to the reality of medicine in use:   you don’t know how often the medical doctors make mistakes/ or how bad the consequences are for most where failure occurs.  Or more simply: what you DON’T know, hides what  the realities are, we should know.  The medical industry won’t tell you, because then “they won’t be gods no more”.  The people don’t want to know either/ as in all forms of religion:   we want our gods.  Even so, it is fair to say, being male:   I have been less than ready to simply surrender control over to “someone else”.  As is absolutely necessary to accomplish   “WE MUST HAVE DIFFERENT, than this”.  I have tried to work with men continually/ and failed.  I have tried to approach women, but they are wary of anyone suggesting change; consequently not entirely my fault. 

          Everything necessary appears to be “spoon-fed” forever/ as far as the need to prove “humanity CANNOT simply accept everything university tells them is true”!  A reality simply inconceivable to me/ until a major effort to even suggest:   “Bringing the same fire here as is on the sun, is a horrific idea”/ with life ending consequences for the planet itself.  Unbelievable to me, that you don’t understand the gamble/ and simply wish to believe whatever you are told: EVEN THOUGH YOUR DEATH IS GUARANTEED, AS WELL AS EVERYTHING YOU VALUE.   Only after years of pushing, is there finally some minimal acceptance of that reality:   as we go day after day, under the most severe threat of terrorism possible.  Not from leadership of course: which is nothing more than the cult of men playing god with life/ but from at least a few people who have found an interest finally.  The rest simply run away to hide from the evidence; as cowards do.  While you may argue about the rest, there are some stories absolutely so absurd, the truth:   HOW CAN YOU BE SO DAMN BLIND, IGNORANT, OR DECEIVED; is plain and simple!  Yet you are.  Even so, more detailed attacks of theory and stupidity are now being used.  You can’t or won’t understand SIMPLE/   yet I now try more complex anyway, because we have run out of time.  This is no game.  Yet you insist, knowledge/ evidence/ reality/ truth/ consequences/ death of a world/ mutilation of nature itself/ resource loss, killing the future of every child/ loss of food, water, oxygen, ocean life and all the rest:   “Just don’t concern you”.  Or, you don’t care/ plain and simple.    So, “lukewarm”/ about everything but greed, want, selfishness, or hate;   it is pathetic.

          I honestly could not believe that was so, to the state beyond all comprehension of RESPECT FOR LIFE/ that does exist today.  Thereby this has been like “kicking a dead horse”/ ain’t going to do no good.  That doesn’t mean all men are bad, or all humanity is bad:   it just means, you are lost so deeply within a cult of beliefs and the tragedy of experts telling you what you can or cannot think.  You failed life/ because they don’t care, “it’s a university principle”; clearly identified in their counterfeiting thefts, mutilation of life, experiments gambling with every living thing, and a whole lot more.  But you didn’t care either; at least NOT enough, to investigate, fight for your lives, nation, child, world, resources, justice, freedom, rights; and everything else, but a few damn pennies/ most of which are simply bribes, made out of counterfeit money, and deceitful purposes.  Shame on you all.   The day I will believe men are able to fix these problems in their own behaviors and decisions for the sake of life on earth; is now completely over.  You cannot do it/ you will not choose life over money, power, or pride. It is a proven fact, when even the most obvious threat in existence itself; is not even enough to make you rise from your “everything, or anything less”.  You won’t/ you can’t/ you don’t: end of life, because you didn’t care enough, not even to try. You worshiped pennies, more than life itself.  We are through, in terms of fighting for life.

           Women are not exempt/ they just don’t have nearly as much control;  thereby the assumption of an excuse exists.  Which is now being removed!  Because I do present you with the possibility of a true vote on the laws themselves and more.  Which means with an edge in population, and a clear reality of complete failure in men: the probability of change as voted upon by you, in your favor, is very high.  “Excuse over”.  The reality I am not your “first choice”/ is irrelevant, because it would seem by the evidence I am your only choice for change.  Time has run out, and it is for life on this planet, simply now or never!  Therefore we must find a solution/ or you must at least try for yourselves.  Different requires the search for alternate means and ways to keep life on earth from dying/ resources and chains of life from collapsing/ education on all area’s of existence that damage or destroy or help/ the clear search for truth/ the reality of true democracy being established now/ world law/ and honestly a long list of other changes so desperately needed at this point; our very survival as a planet is in jeopardy even with your best efforts and mine.  Just how it is.

           While the experts will tell you “wait and see; or no it can’t be so”/ reality and truth clearly demand:    WHEN YOU KNOW THIS IS TOO MUCH LIFE, IS COLLAPSING AROUND YOU!   IT IS TOO DAMN LATE!   You must think for yourselves/ and understand the price of being wrong is too great.  Therefore we shall act now, with no exceptions or turning back.  That is the essence of this message I deliver to you/ rejecting men as a lost cause.  NOT because I desire that/ but because it is true. They had their chance/ and this is the best they did do: bringing us all to the edge of extinction from this planet.  Playing god with all life on earth.  With not a single leader of any kind willing to fight for life.  With only the tiniest few, willing to work, communicate, or anything else associated with the potential we might survive with change.  They choose power, pride, and greed.  To play, or play god:  Thereby DEATH TO ALL.


          The extended:   unfortunate reality here,  is beyond the boundaries of male, where female lives;   I am at a loss, for how to reach you/ as the differences are major between male and female.  The fundamental reality here is: how to take the world away from men.  And the consequent relationship between male and female that has developed since history began is: women shall not do that, or be attacked.  Thereby fear is involved.  The reality of many women like their roles in this reality of time; using greed, power, and pride in different ways that men: same purpose.

          Nonetheless we are past the ability, and the time:  to be polite or in any other way, less than able to do what needs to be done.  Which means simply I must find a way to communicate with women successfully.  That is an immense problem for a long list of reasons; not the least of which is your fears.

           Fundamentally, just the statement, “this is as female as I get”/ seems to have set off, an even more aggressive round of “breast growth” in me; that just can’t be controlled. I LOSE more ground as male, every time they grow/ as there is absolutely NOTHING male about them.   Or in simple truth; my own body is changing, whether I desire it or not; I cannot stop this.  My own mind is changing: even though I cannot honestly comprehend participating in this life as female. Just seeing women “being women, with each other” is overwhelming: “this is NOT me”.    It is the strangest, most overwhelming experience of my life: I cannot escape/ not a choice.

           Male fit me good, and I never questioned any other possibility/ desired nothing else; never wandered why male: it fit me good, “home”.  But I am changing more than I honestly desire to admit.    Apparently this is why, writing about “the spiritual woman and me” has been necessary.  Or more simply, the plain simple truth is:   I honestly don’t believe I could attack a woman even if I wanted too/ and I never have, and I never wanted to.  So the question is:   if I am truly safe, at least to women ( even if I don’t wish to be, without defenses: I CAN “feel it is true”. Not honestly my choice, just my reality. I DON’T like it, I can’t shake it.)/   or more simply:              can you find enough courage to at least consider, this truth!   IF WE DON’T WORK FOR LIFE ON THIS EARTH/ there will be no world for anyone to live in, including you.    Can we work together? A question that has absolutely nothing to do with sexuality; because the world itself,  is far more important than any other thing in my life; other than eternity.  Men cannot save us/ leaders won’t save us/ the courts refuse to save us/ the media worships their own power, pride, and greed:   all refuse.  Even the knowledge of a fire so extreme, it burns our skin in summer, from 91 million miles away; is not enough!  That: is, Just how it is!

          This is not “believe me”/ that is irrelevant.  This is the investigation of realities plainly in evidence that must be decided:   IF WE CAN SURVIVE, BEING WRONG!  If life on earth can in fact survive being wrong about bringing a ten million degree fire here; if it doesn’t extinguish itself.  Then I have been foolish and spent my life on nothing worth doing.   I absolutely KNOW FOR SURE, that we cannot survive this fire, as is on the sun: burning the entire sphere. If THE FIRE, doesn’t extinguish itself.  Thereby a one time ignition/ without any second chances: our world dies.   As to any and all other evidence regarding smaller issues.  The simple truth is: IF YOU CANNOT ORGANIZE YOURSELVES to confront this impending SIMPLE TO UNDERSTAND disaster.  There is literally no use in working farther, not for any of us.


          The critical question here is:   given by my own evaluation of the current evidence established from all area’s of threat/ that time has run out.  THEREBY;  WHAT DOES IT TAKE, to move the female spirit in you:   to accomplish what must be done for us all?  As a world, threatened with extermination/ even if you don’t believe: our reality is, “these terrorists CANNOT be wrong”; or life itself will NOT SURVIVE.


          YOU do have to decide that for yourselves.  As I will not tempt, bribe, manipulate, control, or other to get your attention.  This is about life.  This is about our reality of threat, our existence as life on earth.  Proven true by the simple fact:   even you know a 10,000,000 degree fire on earth/ once ignited, cannot be put out by men.  Steel melts at 3,000 degrees.  This fire burns atomic bonds as is proven by the heat released: making this entire planet fuel.  No place to hide.  Life or death, for our planet/ as is many another threat leading to HELL, by simple description.


          Women fear any man they don’t understand; even if that understanding is truly flawed.  It is basically the same as men many of which believe they understand women, and can’t even come close, because we are “that different”.  The consequence of that is: somehow women must understand me/ because this is, the very last opportunity to change the direction of this world, the lives of every living thing on earth.  Not as saviors, but as a decision that concludes: we must do whatever it takes legally, NOT TO LET those who experiment and gamble with our entire planet/ who threaten every life with destruction and chaos BE WRONG.  This entire work, is that simple.  I don’t know why me/ but this is the message I have delivered; and men, leaders, media, etc, & by the vast majority; ALL simply, threw it away.

          That leaves women, as the “last time/ last chance reality” of life or death for a planet, every child, every living thing: is now.  While that may sound overly dramatic; even you do understand:   TO BE WRONG, ABOUT A TEN MILLION DEGREE f.  FIRE;   just putting itself out!  Is turning this entire planet into another sun.  That is the price of being wrong with these experiments, and reality knows:  with very little time left, the only group large enough, which can make a difference now, is women.      While that has been touted as a solution in the past, simply because of differences/ it is now the only solution left.

          Therefore, if I can be considered “safe”/ as it is true to women I am; like it or not.  Then all that is left to remove the barriers placed against the reality of an honest discussion: is trying to understand me;   even if that is not necessary to the work.  Reality demands everything that can be done, simply must be done.  Life or death for a world, is everything or nothing!


          The most serious reality that stands in the way of understanding is:   “What the hell is this spiritual woman thing”?  Or more politely, how can you expect anyone to believe:   you can or did enter within a spiritual dimension, and become trapped by a truth so elusive, most women will absolutely refuse it as a possibility?  It is a fair question/ but reality proves only by the essence of truth itself, that it can be possible.  Only, if the path illuminated by search proves pure enough to begin the journey as if you belonged.  That element of truth is not the journey, it is merely the beginning.  The foundations necessary to create it, for a man;   requires the study of women, as a reality of experience or expressions.  Just like women study men, and do learn some of their truth.  It is possible to study women, and find the same.  To then take that truth and identify the relationships which create it; form a path.  To walk that path, only requires an element of true respect:  that refuses to be denied.  It is functionally hard to give you more.

          The next question is:   if you entered into “spiritual woman” as suggested/ then why don’t you understand women today?  The answer is: to ask the question, “what would women DO”?  I simply opened the door into that spiritual truth, and woman immediately came out and shut it; allowing nothing to be seen inside.  Less than a minute later, without a clue of danger/ she had entered inside my own truth; because she did know how.  The battle for control, has gone on for a nearly full 7 years now.  I lost.  Nonetheless, following the “big battle”;   the next big step involved entry into the “main environment of women” as in truth of life/ as in spiritually, not physically.  Basically “locked into my own little environment” therein/ I have no idea what is “outside the enclosure” so to speak.  I am not allowed, just plain trapped.  Don’t know what else to tell you.  Other than truth exists, the truth of spiritual female exists in every woman/ therefore if you can enter spiritual truth, whatsoever is a part of that environment, is a door which can be entered.  Spirituality is the essence of eternity itself: therefore if you believe in eternity, you are required to believe in truth as a dimension of its own.  Even if you don’t understand, it is true/ because only truth survives without change, once you have entered in.  Which means, I am an “outsider” here/ and simply don’t understand why?

          It is purity that enters truth.  It is respect that defines a journey within that truth.  It is the relationship created with anchors in support of your life, that allow survival within a spiritual existence.  You may NOT leave any spiritual truth, until you fully understand your relationship with that truth.  Or if you do as a life that does not then belong:   some die/ some turn schizophrenic (lost in fantasy)/ some survive, but are changed, dependent upon the truth they entered/ some live the rest of their lives in fear.    Or in my case;   become trapped by a decision, without an answer.

                 I honestly thought, I could learn the truth about women, even though I only wanted one answer (how would you keep this world alive).  I chose to open the door, accepting “how dangerous could female be”: and was immediately surprised beyond all imagination, a completely different battle/ reality than male.  Nothing is the same!   Can’t understand, “everything is different”.                   

          Even so: it proved to be the best and worst decision of my life.  I did find an answer to hope, for life on earth.  The reality of male however, is just plain being lost;   one tiny bit, every single day.  If the world survives, I WILL consider that “a good trade”.  If it does not:   eternity shall be, whatever eternity shall be.  Every life on earth is at risk, therefore nothing is sacred about being human.  Simple and plain.  I do wish that need not be so!  The evidence however cannot be mistaken: reality is reality.  Not a game.


          We do, then come to the simple truth:   this “last ditch effort” to help keep our planet alive/ by informing and communicating the list of threats that will destroy us all.  MUST HAVE HELP!  IT IS NOT AN OPTION, either you will work, with men and children too!   Or the planet will be abandoned soon.  By biblical prophecy (Daniel 12) that matches our situation:   we have until the summer/fall of 2015.   NOT because of anything religious, do I take this seriously: but by the reality of evidence/ and the consequence of a prediction made thousands of years ago: that matches this moment in time.  From a time they could not possibly have known:   once the fire is ignited, it will take about 45 additional days to eject the entire atmosphere of this planet.

          Just so its clear:   we can change a prediction!  We are the threat as humanity doing experiments and failing all life simply because that is what “university knows” has chosen.  And men follow.

          This is     “GOD’S   CREATION”!    Therefore I do have faith, HE WILL be on our side.  Not because women are preferred or any such thing/ other than men have rejected the evidence; and gamble the world:   bringing all life to the edge of extinction.   We cannot wait/ ignition is the end of this world, “In forty five days more; by the physical realities of the fire itself”.  Therefore we cannot be wrong!  Or we will all be dead.  The same is true of more threats, with less defined amounts of time.


          MAKE YOUR DECISION; “I am easily found”!

            I will help women if they desire it/ or not if you don’t.  Either way, by the evidence:   this is life or death for a world, and there is no time or place where you may begin again.  SOMEONE MUST STAND UP FOR LIFE; AND TELL THE TERRORISTS   NO! This is your last chance for life.  NOT BECAUSE of me/ I am irrelevant.   Because the evidence of threat, is truly that severe.

                                      WRONG IS DEAD!


          Go outside and look at the sun, remembering many will not even go outside without suntan lotion, because they are afraid of what that fire can do, “from 91 million miles away”.  How much more so, when they ignite this on the planet.  Such as at   the national ignition facility, for that very purpose.  As is proven true again, by President Obama believing coal fired power plants need not be built.  “Because they expect this NEW FIRE FROM THE SUN”;   to solve the problem.  But they can’t control it/ unless it extinguishes itself.  On a planet made entirely of fuel.