FUNDAMENTALS, of the mind;  constructing an individual identity.


          A participation in life, rather than “the herd”.


          Critical to this material method of developing traits as the truth of heart or soul/ is the foundation upon which every decision will then be made.  Every foundation is created:   BY WHAT YOU ACCEPT, OR TRUST, as the truth which then does control your life.  That truth is an anchor, and its purpose is to create in you: the opportunity to participate in this world, “without being washed away, by its struggles, consequences, or wants beyond desire”.

          We therefore begin with desire: the element choice of love or hate!  Those who hate, do so, to construct a barrier between themselves and all other life.  Those who surrender themselves to violence, do so; to create the fear, NEVER bother me again.  Those who commit eternal suicide, by joining evil: to pretend “they are god too”/ are expressing the very simple principle: I choose death over life.  It is little more complicated in any human reality of time.

          People who choose LOVE, identify themselves with the critical choice:   the greatest gift of all is, “that I need not face my reality alone”/ even if separated from humanity:   GOD is with us all, through “heart & soul”.  Or more basic to our reality as life on this planet is a relationship identified by miracles/ proving without the slightest doubt: neither I, nor you, could have ever done this, and never will.  That reality is further identified by the biblical reality of JESUS: as establishing proof, “we are not simply designed and then forgotten”.  To the people determined to make   GOD responsible for their sadness or sorrow:   it is recommended, that you take a good look at your own decisions/ and then repent of the belief;  “GOD owes you anything”.  HE does not, you are free to choose/ as we all do.  Love is the free will gift of happiness, cherished by our identity in time together/ as friends, lovers, family, or whatever establishes a relationship by truth for the blessing of life itself.  The elemental truth of accepting soul is:   to identify yourself as a miracle of life, fully accepting from that beginning, “every part of creation itself, the discovery of true participants in my life, regardless of its description;    is, or was made to be potentially, my friend”.  Or more simply, every miracle is so far beyond my abilities, or even imagination: that I know, I live as if the “richest man or woman on earth”.  No matter what your station,  or work, or reality, in life is.  Who could buy these things, that are true gifts from   GOD?   The answer is:  not one thing, is built by humanity.  So then love exists wherever we look, as nature exists.  These didn’t have to exist/ as is the realities of your body and all its blessings: instead of “simply life”/ we have much more, enough to earn the right to understand, “I AM ALIVE”.


          Desire is for love or hate/ therefore decision beyond desire, begins the elemental journey into soul itself.  To achieve it, there must be heart!  In-between heart and its ability to establish the influence necessary to regain self from the “herd of humanity”: is the obsession with talk.  Or more simply, wanting to be “special/ somebody/ important/ or similar; and the elements of greed, selfishness, lies; etc”;   are all identified by your own relationship with conversations that are directed in that particular expression. Want is the essence of lies; if you don’t want/ or if you do want, and cannot achieve or withhold, without lies. Then most fall into the belief: “this is the only way, for me”.  Lies are then fundamentally the evidence of “a drunken stupor”/ clearly establishing (no one is more important than me, or my want) selfishness, before life or truth.  It is an attack on your own heart, corrupting your ability to find truth; as in the foundations of your life.  Therefore every lie is a formation of hate, a subliminal violence to the other.  While at the opposite end of desire is:  Every decision for love is a foundation upon which we build trust in each other.  Thereby heart established by love, constructs the blessing of who we are, in terms of this life: thereby opening the door to the essence of truth which is absolutely necessary to achieve and survive the spiritual world, called soul. 

          The functional relationship of life itself: is to join with truth!  Truth is established by the consequence and reality, of every decision,  proven to be real.  It does not matter what you do: the choice you will make is fundamentally, one of these three.   For LOVE, for hate, or for survival, which is different than the other two/ but combined as we encounter love or hate in connection with that survival or its loss. 

          Critical to our lives is truth: because only truth itself can survive eternity.  While lies can be evaded some of the time, here on earth; no such possibility exists beyond our time as human.  Critical to the essence of life beyond the grave: is the reality expressed by this truth.   Without thought, there is no life, even if body still exists.  Nonetheless, with thought at its essence; regardless of body, there is still a conscious, as in spiritual definition of life.  We were     Born, not simply by body/ but the recognition of life inside.  We die NOT simply by body/ but as the inability to establish our literal (you know its true) presence or freedom on this earth.  The question of life and death: does then hinge on thought.  The question of thought separates the body, into mind and spirit as well.  Body becomes the tool of our recognition/ mind becomes the measurement of our existence/ spirit becomes the elemental path available to all, who are willing to pay the price of a journey into thought.  As is consistent with the essence of soul itself: or the relationship creating/ accepting/ or defining “I AM ALIVE”;    BECAUSE of my    CREATOR.    This is an anchor, that leads each one who achieves it, into the reality:   “Life is eternal”.  Because   GOD exists, as a truth in me,  combined with my soul. Every, Truth that is fundamentally pure/ cannot be changed.  The essence of death is to remove “body and mind”/ and establish truth by the processes of thought, to reveal all impurities inside;  and thereby establish your own truth through the identity of your decisions.  Every decision has a foundation in purpose.

          Thereby we learn, that purpose defines our heart, and creates our soul.  The question illuminated: is the transformation of destiny, from time, to the essence of life in you!   Or more simply: WHAT can achieve the creation of an “eternal you”?  It is not simple or benign.

          Purpose then comes to reveal:   its causation is control/ while its effect is to establish, “leader/ follower/ or independent soul”.  The creation of a need to become driven by purpose: is fundamentally governed by the influences of environment, desire, want, survival, need, or the element called change.  Environment constructs independence, thereby the resources available to you conceive of freedom.  Desire elevates love or hate, by the definitions we apply from our interaction with people: forgiveness creates the possibilities of friendship/ while the failure to forgive each other, becomes an isolation and a separation that could have been prevented.  Survival identifies the critical fact: for every truth there is a consequence.  Need explains: reality does, or will govern us all. 

          We then confront change as our decision to control ourselves, rather than being controlled by the influences of others.  Or more simply: our purpose in living, is to construct our relationship with life.  When that does NOT suit the reality of our heart & soul/ change occurs. 

          Heart directs the essence of life in an individual struggling to identify him or herself.  Soul directs the relationship we form with   GOD, by our decisions that establish TRUTH.  NOT, “simple truth”/ but the elements which drive the critical existence of what love, or hate;  demands in each one. Or refuses;   by the truth of what you hold for or against the others (a group) as a judgment in you.  Every judgment is a purpose separated from yourself/ to achieve the critical test, “I am right”: because “this voice inside agrees”.  Every judgment is then a test, asking for supervision by the elevation of what controls the voice inside of you.  Therefore change is the evaluation of “that voice” as the ruler of your heart, and the destroyer of your soul.  OR ITS REFUSAL, by defining the creation of an identity that seeks truth itself, rather than “a god” to control you.  Or more simply: when confronted with a voice inside, your decision will be, “to remove this garbage by understanding where it arises from”/ or establishing it as ruler of your life, to whatever degree you are willing to work.  As it does not leave for free!  Or more simply:   to achieve “a voice inside you listen too”/ is to mentally split yourself in half, so that there is an accomplice for everything you accept or do.  Not alone anymore, even though it is a ruler you have applied to the test of life; rather than a truth presenting evidence for you to decide.

          Every truth constructs the evidence of a consequence created, or perceived by that reality.  Therefore the test is: what is the evidence/ what has been the result of this action/ what is the reaction that establish this train of consequences that must now be examined for the sake of life, hope, and happiness? 

          Every “ruler inside”; demands “you are right” to do whatever it is you are willing to do/ expanding that reality into whatever manipulation and control will achieve over you.

           “You are right/ even if correct” is by its definition an irrelevant reality: a simple selfishness, demanding pride.  It is simple and plain, “only truth itself matters to our future, or our lives, family, friend, etc.  We control truth, in us by demanding:   only reality may assist in this decision, “as the best we can do, find, examine, and understand as separate from any and all judgment”. 

          Alternately the effects of a voice inside to participate with you; thereby proving you are “right, about everything you decide”.  Is the true elevation of want/ thereby soliciting lies to avoid reality,  and thereby identify what cannot be correct, is refused:   because the elevation of want proves “I am a god”.  Or I cannot be wrong: this voice testifies for me, “it is like god inside”; when your own control fails, because you are afraid of true loneliness!   So it is believed; regardless of lies/ and accepted as the difference between suicide or failure.

          When confronted with reality within your own heart: the question is, do you desire love or hate?  Because this is the path to hate/ while love establishes the absolute need for forgiveness inside yourself.  The critical reality of choosing   GOD   as is the essence of soul.  Or choosing to blame “the world” for their lack, and by your judgment as witnessed too, “by the voice inside”.  Which will continue, until the day you have firmly anchored yourself in heart;   to a purpose beyond control itself. 

          Beyond time is the reality of very simply:    We have no control over eternity!  Only GOD can do that!  It is not ours to claim, it is not ours to expect, it is not ours to understand, it is not ours to believe, it is not ours in any form or reality other than by faith itself.   To believe, is to identify yourself by religion: thereby we all go together as one, or “we can’t all be wrong here”.  Removing   “GOD”   From the decision.  To have faith, constructs the essence of truth inside of you; by your own participation with soul.  Thereby conceiving and acknowledging only mercy will decide.  JESUS established love for all, who would choose HIS path.  Thereby if you truly accept and accomplish what is   “His path” in you/ then mercy is your destiny:   so says the bible.  It is up to you, whatever you will believe or accept.  I personally believe    JESUS is my savior!   No one else can testify to that/ because you are not me.  Nor can I testify to you, or your reality of truth, as that is you alone.  Consequently eternity DOES ask us to stand alone, as an individual identity prepared for an individual decision.   The reality of this world, is rejected: to establish the purposes of your heart, and the true desire of your soul.  Just as the body and mind itself are rejected, and will never enter eternity; they are merely dust without life.  So is your gender, to be decided by   GOD alone;  for your eternity. It is a matter of heart, or more clearly the essence of what is true, by the division of what is most important in your life as time, and its purposes.   But that does not mean, you can discard truth in life or body; as is the assumption of perversions through the judgment of others.  Male is male, with boundaries in place,  for realities that do not consider your own feelings/ as is female.  Your feelings, the essential definitions applied by mental awareness to your experience in time;  are expressed by the values you assign for yourself, to the treasury that becomes the endowment of your own eternity.  You are, what you build; as this identity in time by its own truth.  But eternity is, what   GOD   identifies in you, by HIS own truth and desire for you.  Give your soul ONLY TO GOD, and let HIM decide:   how could this be less than completely true for you or me!

          That does not mean this life in time has no bearing on your eternity/ rather it means, by the decisions you apply to yourself: every truth and desire  of your own identity will be created.  By the actions you take, every purpose will be revealed. 

          We then construct some simple lessons;  with loneliness, a heartbreak for so many because there are, or it is believed there are:   “no true friends” in their lives.  Acceptance vanishes, ridicule arises, reality asserts trouble comes: and the division of lives occurs; “truth is a casualty, on all sides; replaced by want”.  Therefore true loneliness sets in, as the escape required to participate beyond this reality; in the fantasy of what can be done “in me”.   The critical construction of every form of trouble as established by loneliness;   begins with a true intent to separate, or be separated by the others.  Usually both sides are at fault to some degree/ and it does build over time, as all judgment does without forgiveness, or the necessity to recognize every life has a right, “to his or her, own choice”.  We begin with righteousness:   the elemental assertion of a voice inside, accepted as “my voice”/ even though it is you who are listening to that voice: which means it has another foundation outside yourself.  Or more simply: the evidence of a voice inside of anyone, is not limited to the lonely; but expands itself over anyone who “wants to be right”.                                   

          Therefore we must identify or create the simple association which gives the possibilities of fantasy its assumed reality.  That is, the manipulation of moments, to create a memory that escapes our control; to come back as “the voice” you visit with inside.  Or more simply:   imagination is the elevation of “what I want”/ thereby the creation of what can lie, “to me”.  Thereby we know, that all voices are manipulated by imagination;   but they can and do assemble into the fantasies of control:   by what we want, are willing to accept, or pride ourselves on being or doing for a reward.   Want lies, which is the first element of a voice inside.  Acceptance is a decision we are choosing to make; because otherwise this will be considered as “garbage” to be removed.  Pride controls the decision, for the sheer and simple purpose of becoming winners/ so that we may accuse these others as “losers, etc”.

          Removal of all three are required, to destroy the “voice of righteousness”.  Otherwise you must live with it, and be aware of its potential influences and effects, both large and small.  When you want, or are willing to accept;  anything other than truth shall control every decision.   Truth is the escape hatch for loneliness through miracles; even if the rest of the world “refuses to be friends”.  Instead of finding sorrow/ search for life!  Truth is not for the lazy or proud;   you will never find it, until you leave these behind, and search with heart and soul.


          We conclude with happiness, the individual creation that accepts “our purpose, coupled with our desire” has been proven true.  It is the path we (as lovers and true friends)/ or I chose, and life accepts our destiny.   This elemental direction to our existence, examines experience and expresses happiness by three basic realities of life:   discipline, order, and balance.  When achieved honestly, the essence of life itself “keeps us, as if in a direct relationship with love”/ even if we are alone.  GOD is there.  That does not mean anyone survives well without friendship or the essence of direct love as a human being accepted with value/ we all need, at least a minimum of companionship to prove “life in time has meaning”.  Otherwise, it is merely a demonstration of endurance.  Consequently, love “at all its levels of life in time”;  remains the single invitation, to be “more than we can be,  alone”.  Every life is important/ to judge someone simply by a behavior or moment in their lives is to despise the truth: we are all MORE, “than a moment/ or an expression/ or an experience, good or bad”.  Loss confronts us all, as a direct discovery of what means the most, “to me”.  Those who hide hate seek revenge, by any and all means.  Those who turn only to love, do or will recognize:   every gift of life and love, is a gift/ NOT an ownership, or someone to be ruled or judged.  Thereby value is a message, an identity shared by the existence of what love truly means to you.

          Happiness lives in the purpose you create as the substance chosen to express your heart and soul.  Desire as love;  lives in the decisions, that elevate truth. Time is at its core, the measuring of every life, by our relationship with your own purpose, desire, and truth.  Love is the expression examining our experience for what can never be truly broken apart from us:   the treasury, that does become “heart and soul”.

            Only to “kill yourself with hate” can release it; as your decision.  Only if you become determined to end your relationship with LIFE itself.

          Happiness lives.  Thereby we know, that it is a participant in living, “as best we can”.  Happiness recognizes this simple fact:   the people we live with, in all its functions and ways/ are the people who will determine what our own participation can be.  With our help/ and we will be,  the same to each of them.  Happiness is the building of friendship, because we chose to be friends honestly.  Happiness is the forgiveness we share/ because caring has proven to be stronger than anger or hate.  Happiness is the failure to measure anyone/ and the right to believe “I need not be measured as well”.  Happiness is a freedom that does not hurt or injure each other, or life;   because every participant is a creation of   GOD . And deserves respect/ at least to the degree possible; recognizing reality.  Happiness is hope identified as my own treasure, created from the essence, and reality;  of the very anchors I chose, that will distinguish my life in eternity.  Happiness is the determination to accept the purpose of your heart and soul:   lives in truth, love, life, and hope.  Thereby the essence of “Me/ you” is a journey, and a reality dedicated to each of these values;   for my own heart/ struggling to “give back, to    GOD  ”, within my own soul.  Therefore respect does live within me!   Therefore love is an answer, that accomplishes trust.  Rather than simply believing what I have been told.  We are each responsible for our own decision/ regardless how many know/ or don’t know:   this is what I chose.

           To be angry recognizes a wrong that CAN be fixed:   without pride being involved.  It is not then any form of judgment!  To form hate, is to judge and pretend, manipulate, tempt, or control.  To use revenge means you have taken hate and added “its all YOUR fault”.  To become evil means: “to descend even farther letting violence explain and identify your life”.   Each, Thereby assembles into:   finding excuses to lie, & accept deception is a participant in your life.  Anger and hate are not the same!  Anger sees beyond self/ while hate is firmly affixed to the “mirror before your eyes”: no one of importance or right exists, but me.

                                                Best wishes to all.


          A footnote:   it is an elemental truth, that all gambling is a want;   to attain a level of independence that then proves to humanity “I AM RIGHT”.  The money you worship/ that I have, proves this is so.   Or more simply gambling is the expressed intent to control by arrogance, and attain by ease.  Therefore it has nothing to do “with real life”.  Or more simply, “the realities and relationships that do make us all happy”. 

          Money cannot make anyone happy;   because life is not a game/ even though money is,  the game of men throughout society and this world.  As is evident throughout history and life:   “The world of men, is not happy”/ unless they attain family and friend.  Men seek power, particularly when not happy: War is proof/ strife/ evil/ hate/ etc all grow wherever happiness does not.  The lack of money however can make anyone sad; as the games men play identify the fact/ there is no mercy here for me.  No sharing/ no one caring: the game then says, I have become “a tragedy”.  Therefore to simply “give away” the securities known to participate in survival: is EXTREMELY foolish.

          Balance requires the opposite sex, it is a fact of life.  Balance then creates the disciplines associated with the creation of order.  Order then creates a future we design for ourselves, by confronting reality and working for life as a participation beyond “simply me”.  The essence of “us”; is elemental to the creation of “a better world for me”.

          The reality of our time is: that competition breeds greed/ and greed builds separation and prejudice, as the fight for wealth continues to deteriorate our entire world into chaos, and coming hell.  Discipline says:   when “I have done all that can be done, for a better world for us/ or me”;   then I must be satisfied, or I must continue to work regardless of reality.  Because life is worth the price, even when the reward is “so small” few would even notice.  Life is not about a reward.  Life in time is a preparation for eternity, thereby your own truth must discover, your own true identity.  Life is then by order, the balance necessary to assemble “beyond self, is the relationship where love exists”.  The discipline required to understand, foundations in survival are essential;   thereby laws of life must be found according to what survives the investigation of truth and reality.  And finally, the essence of every soul, is a heart that beats for the purposes beyond ourselves that construct the elemental truth within us: that true and honest love, is everything happiness can be.  RESPECT is everything that builds our relationship with life itself, and     GOD   .   Hope remembers the essential ingredient,   “I trust this truth” created in me.   As is the essence of    JESUS   as written in the bible itself.  That however is only words: to follow HIS path, is to find the “reasons why” faith erupts in us, to become     “I AM ALIVE”.   It is more than simply “being human”/ it is soul alive forever!

          Or more simply: in the fundamentals of time,  there are greater things to be found in living, “than just, I”.